The tool enables you to extract dynamic data in real time and keep a tracking record on the website updates.

This web scraping project will

  • Enables the user to scrape data from all the websites coming under the same provider.
  • It sets your hands free from doing repetitive work of copying and pasting.
  • Very user friendly such that the user only needs to input the website URL which is required to be crawled.
  • It puts extracted data into a well structured JSON format,which can be easily analyzed for future requirements.


Our web scraping program starts by composing a HTTP request to acquire resources from a targeted website. Once the request is successfully received and processed by the targeted website, the requested resource will be retrieved from the website and then sent back to the web scraping program. After the web data is downloaded, the extraction process continues to parse, reformat, and organize the data in a structured way. Scrapy, written in Python, is a reusable web crawling framework. It speeds up the process of building and scaling large crawling projects. In addition, it also provides a web-based shell to simulate the website browsing behaviors of a human user. The extracted data is then exported to JSON format.

Use cases

  • Contact scraping
  • Price change monitoring/comparison
  • Product review collection
  • Weather data monitoring
  • Website change detection
  • Web data integration
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