Treasure Hunt Game (High-Resolution 3. js)

BzAnalytics has also ventured into the world of gaming, crafting an exhilarating treasure hunt experience that challenges players to navigate through virtual worlds, solve puzzles, and unearth hidden treasures. This project showcases BzAnalytics' versatility, seamlessly integrating gamification principles into virtual environments to create thrilling adventures.

Client: Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The client faced the challenge of accurately tracking and detecting critical features in medical imaging videos, such as tumors or abnormalities. Manual analysis was time-consuming and subject to human error. They needed a comprehensive computer vision solution that could achieve exceptional accuracy in video tracking and detection, aiding healthcare professionals in making accurate diagnoses.

BzAnalytics embarked on a two-year journey, leveraging hand-engineering techniques and state-of-the-art AI models such as PyFaster R-CNN and YOLO to develop an advanced video tracking and detection system. The solution aimed to automate the identification and tracking of critical features in medical imaging videos, empowering healthcare professionals with precise diagnostic information.


Engage visitors through an exciting treasure hunt experience in a virtual environment

High-Resolution Visuals:

BzAnalytics leveraged high-resolution 3.js graphics to create stunning and detailed virtual landscapes for the treasure hunt game. The immersive visuals enhanced the sense of adventure and excitement for participants.

Challenging Puzzles and Quests:

BzAnalytics designed intricate puzzles and quests that required participants to explore the virtual environment, solve riddles, and overcome obstacles to discover hidden treasures. The engaging gameplay kept participants hooked and motivated to uncover the secrets of the virtual world.

Real-Time Leaderboards:

BzAnalytics implemented real-time leaderboards that tracked participants’ progress and scores. This feature fostered healthy competition among participants, driving engagement and encouraging repeat participation.

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