Our Expertise

With our expertise in Deep Learning and Data Analytics, we are best poised to help our clients take advantage of AI and adopt it into their business in an efficient and effective manner.

One Stop Web Solutions.

Cross Industry Expertise.

Innovation and Digitisation.

BzAnalytics provides a wide range of services - from consulting and experience design to web development and maintenance - all our services come embedded with deep learning and data analytics at its core which, we believe, would give our clients the best opportunities to extract the most out of their resources.

Face recognition based access control system

Face recognition technology would enable a faster, reliable and secure transactions at ATM's, in apps or other high-secure applications. We make use of advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms to map and detect the features that make a face unique. We customize the solution for verification, authentication and validation which has wide range of applications including identity at ATM, age and gender verification, fraud identification, Marketing and targeting customers in stores, helping blind people, find missing people and track school attendance.

Medical Analytics

We analyzes unstructured medical data such as radiology images, blood tests, EKG's, genomics, patient medical history to improve the diagnostic process and given personalized treatments to patients. Our Key Area includes Robot-assisted surgery, Real time patient monitoring system, Disease Diagnosis, Hospital Management System.

Market Analytics

Our analytics - based methodology provides a solution which enables businesses to improve product success by targeting consumers based on their Designing campaigning models, Identifying prospective consumers by combining social media feeds, demands and preferences, Marketing bots for automating consumer conversation by improving conversation engagement.

Hassle free data access

Providing Integrated solutions for shaping research ideas and commercialize it the best way. We as a team provide you with state of the Art facility of transforming the entire industries around with process automation, interesting cognitive technology, surprising business insights and visualizations.

Innovative Cultivation

Providing easy solutions for our food producers with all farming related queries, Early identification of pests, Easy access to bio fertilizers and identification of best Market place for selling food Crops.

Modernizing Analytics

We provides modern solution with Smart analytics for your businesses to modernize furiously to keep pace with new innovations.

Credit Risk Analytics

Managing the credit risk metrics by faster lending process and the decision making processes. Enable businesses to analyze credit risk and providing instantaneous credit decisions.

Sales Analytics

We will create your business data into a sound insight story, helps your team to analyse the current performance, identify the win-loss rate, achieve higher sales and opportunities through in depth sales analytics and forecasting.