Bz Bot is the common man’s day trading tool. It aims to democratise the great financial benefits of day trading by making it more accessible. BzBot gives ordinary users access to trading strategies, developed by professional traders, through an intuitive software front end. The three building blocks for BzBot are simplicity, high returns and low risk. The intuitive interface lets a user start investing by choosing three simple inputs - the amount of money he/she wants to invest, the period of investment and the level of risk he/she is willing to take. Using a pre-defined strategy, BzBot would immediately start making trade orders through collaborating trading brokers, ensuring high returns minimising the risk of losing money. Trading in stocks and forex gives maximum returns but trying to trade with limited market knowledge can result in loss of investment. BzAnalytics, through its day trading tool, is making market leading trading strategies accessible to all its users, thereby letting them gain professional level returns on their investments. We have built BzBot in collaboration with industry leading financial traders and brokers. This has enabled the coming together of their market expertise and our in-house software development and data analytics abilities, giving maximum returns to our customers.

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